MCP 1353 hard drive

opened case of MCP 1353

bottom view to MCP 1353 with control electronic board

removed electronic board

top view to electronic board

Micropolis MCP 1353A hard drive

The Micropolis 1353A is installed in HP 7957A external HDD unit. The Micropolis has full-height 5¼" form and ESDI interface.

An introductory price is unknown.

Micropolis Corporation was a disk drive company founded in 1976 and located in Chatsworth, California. Micropolis initially manufactured 5.25 inch floppy drives and then hard drives such as SCSI and ESDI. Later, it ultimately sold its hard drive business to Singapore Technologies (now Temasek Holdings), who has ceased to market the brand. After the disk business sale, Micropolis was reorganized as StreamLogic Corporation, which declared bankruptcy in 1997 amid securities fraud allegations.

The control electronic board is based on Intel CPU 8051AH and NEC µPD65022L176. The CPU software is located in EPROM closed to CPU and is dated 27th August 1986.

YEAR 1987
ORIGIN Singapore
POWER 5Volt, 12Volt DC
35 Watts
FORM FACTOR 5¼" full height
SNR #8074530496
Part Number 900367-04-6H1