FS 1501

FS 1501 - Introduction

The FS1501 is a punch tape reader made in the formerly Czechoslovakia in 80-years last century. The paper punch tape is an obsolete storage medium. It was used instead floppies and hard discs. The tapes had five rows of holes for data. Later tapes had 6, 7 and 8 rows. Each tape had a row of narrower holes called sprocket holes. The tapes with five rows were used for Teletype machines. Because combination of seven holes represents one ascii character, tapes with either seven or eight holes were used for computers. The sizes of punch tape were standardized. One meter of 8-rows tape can contain about 400 bytes of data.

This unit we have in our collection was produced in May 1989 and probably was newer used because the political changes in the Czechoslovakia in fall 1989. We received it in very excellent condition.