HP 9000 216

HP 9000 216 - Summary

The HP 9000 model 216 is a follower of earlier desktop calculator's models, such as the HP 9825, HP 9845 etc. The HP 9000 216 is known as HP 9816, it is the smallest member of the 9000 family. It has no hard disc, no floppy disc. The originall keyboard was very small and connected by a detachable cable. It was often substituted with large heavy keyboard for HP 9000 220 computer.

The computer electronics is located on large mainboard which is inserted into 9 inch monochrome monitor. The mainboard contain RS 232C and HP-IB interface and it has short bus for two expansion slots. The major change for HP, the 9000 models no longer used HP custom CPUs but instead used an 8 MHz Motorola 68000. Also, the 9000 216 did not have a built-in langauage like 98xx desk-top calculators, instead it used disk-based langauages. A HPL known from HP 9825 and BASIC and Pascal were available. For this purpose, the HP 9121 floppy disc unit was connected to HP-IB interface 9000 216 computer.It was possible to have all three languages on one disk and tell the computer which one to load at boot up.

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