NI GPIB 1014P Single-slot VMEbus GPIB controller

top view of NI 1014P GPIB interface board

The 1014P is a VMEbus GPIB single slot interface controller from National Instruments. This interface board permits IEEE-488 compatible engineering, scientific, or medical instruments to be controlled from a VMEbus-based computer. The GPIB-1014P has the following features:

  • Complete IEEE-488 Talker/Listener/Controller (TLC) capability using the NEC µPD7210 GPIB TLC chip
  • Polled or interrupt driven transfers
  • Transfer rates up to 80 kbytes/sec
  • User configurable parameters
  • Base Address
  • Interrupt Request Line
  • Interrupt Status/ID byte
  • Supervisor or User Access
  • IEEE-1014 (VMEbus) standard compliance

  • DOCUMENTATIONS: Getting Started with Your GPIB-1014 Series Board and the NI-488Mô Software for Themis, Edition Dec 1993

    GPIB-1014P User Manual, Edition Jun 1994