top view of WD1003-RA2

Hard disk controller WD1003-RA2

WD1003-RA2 is a Hard disk controller card with an ST506/ST412 interface. It supports a maximum of 2 RLL hard disk drives with up to 16 heads and 2048 cylinders, at 3:1 interleave and 2 floppy disk drives (5¼" 360K, 1.2 Mb).

Producer:   Western Digital, Inc.
Year:   1985
Origin:   Ireland
Chips:   WD11C00, WD16C92, WD1015C, WD10C21
RAM:   TMM2016BP-10 (2048x8 bits, 100 nsec)
Support:   ST506/ST412
Connectors:   2x RLL hard discs & 2x floppy disc 5¼" 360K or 1.2MB
Interface:   ISA 16 bits
OS support:   MS DOS
Size:   335 x 120 mm